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About the company

LaPandaLove Fabrics® is the “Bretonne” brand of a small company, ECOSPIN SAS, located in the centre of Brittany in the Côtes d’Armor (22). 

Since 2016, we have been first specialized in the production and distribution of very high-quality fabrics produced from organic cotton yarn GOTS certified, dedicated to our community fully aware of the stakes and the challenges ahead and made up of young entrepreneurs, new slow fashion brands, small fabric shops run by enthusiasts, excited designers who want to work with beautiful textile materials.

Then we have opened the range of 100% recycled polyester rPET fabrics produced by discarded water bottles.

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Our company is based in Saint-Mayeux, a village located in “Argoat”, in the Côtes-d ́Armor department in the Brittany region.

What also pleases us could be explained through few pictures (taken by Iza). Picture could sometimes be better than many pages of comments :

The inhabitants are called “Mayochines and “Mayochins”.
And, once all are together, the number is approaching 500. Okay, 473 to be precise.

Barely 100km from Quimper (5h30 by bike) and 40 km from Saint-Brieuc (2h30 by bike … it’s calf).

What is the “Argoat”? We also say Arcoat. This designates a region within the Brittany, the woodedpart of Brittany and its sister, Armor, is the coastalpart of Brittany.

What we particularly like in this region is its historical link with textiles.
In the 17th and 18th centuries, a very famous production of linen fabrics known as “Brittany” fabrics was developed in the Saint-Brieuc – Corlay – Pontivy – Moncontour perimeter. The textile activity provided work for nearly 40,000 spinners supplying flax threads to around 5,000 weavers! Flax seeds imported from Lübeck (Germany) through the port of Roscoff were distributed by boat and cultivated in parishes close to the coast (thanks to the input of marine fertilizer).

We can’t wait to reactivate all of this!


Our mission

We present a fresh vision of the world of fashion and textile for a sustainable future. 

Our young 100% “Bretonne” and independent brand does not just offer quality fabrics, it acts to preserve the environment and aims to showcase economically and socially on its close environment. 

Are You a designer creating exceptional apparel collections or imaginative fashion accessories, a young entrepreneur bursting with ideas and energy, a new slow fashion brand, a company committed to environmental protection, a player in the sale of fabrics?

You have finally the opportunity to meet the expectations of your customers, while respecting your own convictions and by helping to build a better world.


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The fact stands: 

The current clothing system is extremely resource-intensive, wasteful and polluting, from fibre production and clothing production to use and after use.
However, this is not a fate to which we must simply resign ourselves.
We can all act at our level, weighing in with each of our individual actions. They thus come to nourish and fuel these currents of influence which force the major players to think differently and to find ethical and ecological solutions on a large scale.
Our objective is to involve you in this effort.

We have decided to act through 4 different commitments:
  • To offer only organic cotton fabric whose yard is certified by the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), which stipulates requirements throughout the supply chain for both ecological and labour conditions.
  • To offer only 100% recycled polyester fabric whose yard comes from sources such as PET bottles (rPET) and is certified by the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) which sets notably requirements for social and environmental practices.
  • To never mix natural fiber(s) and recycled polyester on a fabric. As it is not technically today possible to separate the two yarns, a mix cotton and recycled polyester fabric becomes a waste.
  • To constantly enlarge our fabrics range and to search for new sustainable fabrics.

We wish to share, discuss, ponder and collaborate with people for whom sustainable development is at the centre of their commitments.


Panda Love Fabric is evolving rapidly

2020 was an important moment in the life of our brand. The context was surprising and of course difficult. However, our LPLF team did not deviate from its goal of positively influencing the world of textiles. It has continued to develop and make available to creators, innovative and quality ecological organic and recycled materials.

We can all act at our level, weighing in with each of our individual actions. They thus nourish and feed these currents of influence which force the major players to reason differently and to find ethical and ecological solutions on a large scale.

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The idea for the brand name LaPandaLove Fabrics® came when her first boy was born. She found that he looked like a little cute and adorable panda because of his eyes. She used to call him “my Panda Love”, “my Panda Sweety”.
When she decided to create her own new brand, she thought immediately of her little boy and of the good vibes he has brought to her.
Loving him, searching the best fabrics for his health for all sewing projects she did for him, spending time to understand how the fabrics are made, understanding how to conciliate quality and sustainability engagement, all of This will be the cornerstones of her project.
She reflected on a brand name. PandaLove will be the heart.
“Fabrics” of course. “Fabrics” means also “Fabrique” in French, translated as “factory” in English. Why “La”? Because in French we call a factory: “La Fabrique” and “La” in French is feminine.

LaPandaLove Fabrics® was born.

Passionately revolutionizing textiles has always been our goal. Through our brand, itself involved in the world of textile production, we are responsible to our customers.

We must offer them the best solutions and respond to their concerns.

The LPLF Team

Our Fabrics

We are committed tconstantly enlarge our fabrics range and to search for new sustainable fabrics. Take a look at our product catalogues and do not hesitate to contact us if you are in search of any specific fabric.


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