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We are committed to constantly expanding our range of fabrics and researching new, sustainable fabrics. Take a look at our different materials and do not hesitate to take contact with us if you are looking for a specific one that is not listed.

Recycled PUL Waterproof Fabric

PandaLove Fabrics offers its own PUL waterproof fabric made in rPET recycled polyester. Its waterproof-breathable membrane is GRS certified and more than 40% from pre-consumer recycling. The principle of a waterproof-breathable membrane is to be both waterproof (or almost) and breathable.

The perspiration on the level of the skin is generated by our organism, in case of body overheating. Body heat causes sweat to evaporate. This evaporation lowers the temperature of the body and cools it. Most importantly, evaporation allows moisture (sweat in the form of vapor) to pass through the micropores of the membrane outward.

Food contact and zero-waste projects

This recycled PUL warterproof fabric is ideal for zero waste projects. It is used to sew washable diapers and to form inserts for sanitary napkins and period panties. It meets the rules defined by European regulation EC 10/2011 concerning plastic materials and objects intended to come into contact with food.

The recycled PUL waterproof fabric from La PandaLove Fabrics has the enormous advantage of being a real fabric, very supple and soft and of not “squealing” unpleasantly like bed sheets for example.

Finally, this rPET PUL waterproof fabric can be printed in our workshop according to the patterns chosen from our large library or according to the ones you want.

on Demand

We print on our recycled polyester fabrics on demand.

If you are looking for a digital fabric printing specialist, you have found the right team. We print your order on demand.

We provide our wide range of fabrics including PUL waterproof fabric, satin, crepe, chiffon, sport jersey, oxford, woven canvas. Whether you’re sewing a new dress or upholstering a chair, you can find the right fabric that works best for your project.

We have these fabrics woven or knitted at our request and they can be used for clothing for the whole family, zero waste projects, home decorating.

You can easily print your design by the yard. We print your order on demand.

Get your custom fabric printed with your own design. Create a unique fabric for your project.

Each material is printed using environmentally friendly inks that do not harm you or the planet.

A whole range of recycled polyester rPET fabrics for sewing projects awaits you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


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