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Crepe fabric made from 100% recycled polyester rPET is a light, breathable and with a fuzzy effect. This high quality fabric is ideal for making light clothing such as dresses, skirts or tops.

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Your own design on rPET Crepe Fabric

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Comment préparer votre fichier motif ?

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  • 300 dpi
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Détails Produit

Dimensions 100 × 150 × 1 m


100% Recycled Polyester rPET


150 cm

Fabric Weight

165g/m 110g/sqm

Appearance / Touch

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Natural white design


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Tumble drying



En savoir plus

Our crepe fabric is woven from 100% recycled polyester rPET from post-consumer plastic bottle recycling and is GRS certified.
It is very light, airy, breathable and subtly opaque or with a fuzzy effect.
This fabric has a lightly textured surface resulting from the weaving of over-twisted yarns.
Its weaving structure makes it durable, hardly crumpled and dries very quickly.

What is the crepe fabric or the crepe material?
Crepe is not a fiber but an armor. You will notice that there is no textile called “crepe” simply … it is always a fiber crepe: polyester crepe, cotton crepe, viscose crepe, wool crepe or silk crepe!
It can be used for many sewing projects:
• Babydolls,
• Scarves,
• Evening gowns,
• Skirts or puff sleeve shirts,
• Formal wear,
• Vaporous clothes,
• Or in skillful layering sets or even for decoration project like sheer curtain.

Especially when this crepe fabric is printed in our workshop.
According to the pattern(s) you will choose from our large library or according to those you will send us.
To your needles!

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