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We are committed to constantly looking for new materials that meet the strict ecological criteria
that we have set for ourselves.

Linen Labrics are considered as Sustainable Fabrics.

For which reasons is Linen one of the sustainable fabrics ?

  • Flax is said to be one of the oldest cultivated speciesTwisted and dyed flax fibers from 36,000 years ago were found in Dzudzuana Cave in Georgia. 
  • In the 17th and 18th centuries, a very famous production of so-called “Breton” linen cloths developed in the Saint-Brieuc – Corlay – Pontivy – Moncontour perimeter. 

That’s the already very nice historical-cultural side.

The Latin and scientific name Linum Usitatissimum or “useful flax” echoes the relationship that the plant has with the soil, biodiversity and with these women and men who cultivate it, allow its transformation and also love to carry this noble material. 

The ecological footprint of European flax seems irrevocable:

  • 1 hectare of flax = 3.7 tonnes of CO2 retained per year
  • 90,000 ha of flax cultivated in theE.U.
  • 333,000 tonnes of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions avoided each year in Europe
  • 38,000 tonnes of oil equivalent saved per year
  • 300 tonnes of pesticides saved per year
  • 650 million cubic metres of water would be consumed if flax crops were replaced by cotton cultivation

Flax by its nature, its impact and without even the supreme organic flax label therefore ticks a lot of boxes.

Only 0.4% of the world’s textiles…

85% of world production is European. Yes!

So we should be able to do something, should not we ?

We offer a wide choice of Linen fabrics greige, white or simply plain:


Natural linenone of the most pleasurable fabrics to work with, ideal for warm weather, as it breathes and allows perspiration to wick away from the skin.

  • 100% Okeo Tex Linen
  • 154 gr/sqm
  • Greige or White or Colored or Printed
  • 150 cm width



Natural linen, one of the most pleasurable fabrics to work with, 230g allows to created dressy or casual garments and interior decoration accessories.

  • 100% Oeko Tex Linen
  • 230 gr/sqm
  • Greige or White or Colored or Printed
  • 150 cm width 



High quality and fluid, beautiful navy jersey made of 100% linen fabric is unmissable for classic all-season cardigans, t-shirts or dresses.

  • 100% Oeko Tex Linen
  • Masters of Linen®
  • 210 gr/sqm 
  • Colored
  • 155 cm width