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Organic Cotton
Antibacterial Silver Satin 

Organic cotton satin infused with antibacterial and antiallergic silver ions treatment.

* 100% Organic Cotton   * 130 g/sqm   * 150 cm width

Few words about this Organic Cotton Satin

This fabric is a “basic” fabric made of 100% organic cotton.

You can also create all your usual projects:

  • for babies and children: toys, nursery decoration
  • hygienic accessories (makeup removal wipes)
  • home decoration
  • eco-responsible bags and accessories for the kitchen
  • bed sheets for people with sensitive or fragile skin

This antibacterial and antiallergic fabric will represent an advantage for all your creations which will be all the more unique on the “handmade” market. 

The woven organic cotton is infused with the Silverplus® treatment developed and produced by the German company Rudolf Group. This process meets OEKO-TEX®-Standard 100 and Environmental Protection Agency (US) standards as well as bluesign® criteria. Silver ions (Ag +) help kill bacteria, fungi and fungi. 

The combination of organic cotton and silver ions makes this fabric a unique material that soothes irritated skin and stops itching. 

Using simple words and to explain what a microscope could see, the “meeting” of Ag + positive ions and negatively charged groups present on the walls of bacteria does not go well (!) And causes them major damage (Holes …). The bacteria’s membrane becomes permeable and the bacteria die. 

RIP Bacteria! 

What can we do with this Organic Cotton Satin

Clothes for babies and children
Clothes for babies and children
Clothes for babies and children
Clothes for babies and children
Cleaning Pad
Clothes for babies and children

Technical details

  • 0 cm
  • 150 cm
  • 200 g/m | 130 g/sqm
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 0%
  • Soft | Silky
  • 60°C
  • Yes
  • Prohibited
  • 3%