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rPET Waterproof
Ottoman Fabric

Ottoman fabric in 100% recycled polyester is characterized by small horizontal grooves which give it a delicate velvet effect. Flexible and resistant, it is ideal for making jackets, skirts, cushions and accessories, curtains …


* 100% recycled polyester rPET
* 240 g/sqm
* 150 cm width

Few words about this Ottoman fabric

We have this Ottoman fabric woven from recycled polyester (rPET).
Ottoman means “originally from Turkey,” an intercontinental country located halfway between Europe and Asia.
An ottoman was also the name given to a typical sofa from the time of Louis XV, upholstered and considered very luxurious. The ottoman is a large seat, with or without a backrest, where several people can be seated at the same time, in the style of the Orientals.
Ottoman fabric, on the other hand, was a coarse ribbed fabric used in Turkey since the 13th century, made with silk threads and reserved for the use of the sultans and their followers.
Our recycled Ottoman fabric has a medium weight (240g) and has a lot of hold. It is punctuated by fine transverse ribs over its entire width, giving it that velvet effect to the touch. Its construction is specific and known as fluted weave: a large number of warp threads and a smaller number of large weft threads.
This fabric is an excellent choice for any creative project requiring a durable, resistant, water repellent fabric.
This Ottoman fabric is a fabric suitable for clothing, for furnishings and for leather goods and the creation of accessories.

Perfect for:

  • jackets, trousers, skirts,
  • outdoor or indoor cushions,
  • tablecloths,
  • decorative accessories,
  • pants, skirts, jacket,
  • hand bags, travel bags, shopping bags,
  • protective cases and covers,
  • restoration of chairs or armchairs,
  • upholstered chairs,
  • curtains.

What can we do with this recycled Ottoman fabric

Technical details

  • 50 cm
  • 150 cm
  • 400 g/m | 240 g/sqm
  • 100% Recycled Polyester rPET
  • 0%
  • Velvet effect | Thick | Fine rib
  • 40°C
  • Yes
  • **
  • Prohibited
  • 0%

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